14 Outstanding South Florida Japanese Restaurants That Go Beyond Sushi - Ramen Lab Eatery Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach
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14 Outstanding South Florida Japanese Restaurants That Go Beyond Sushi

Because Japanese food is so much more than sushi

Sushi seems to be everywhere in South Florida, including places where it really has no business being. Although nobody will be faulted for their nigiri and maki habit, there is so much more to Japanese food than those morsels of seasoned rice and seafood (but if sushi is being craved here is where to find the best in the area). South Florida actually has a variety of restaurants where guests can sample other types of Japanese specialties ranging from ramen to curry. Below is a list of 14 of South Florida’s best Japanese restaurants that are not just about sushi.

1. Ramen Lab Eatery

This fast casual eatery in Boca Raton may well be worth the trip from Miami. It boasts a meticulously concocted broth, as well as fresh, handmade noodles. In true ramen shop fashion, the menu is very concise, offering a handful of broth varieties, as well as a selection of toppings. This may also be one of the few places where vegans can enjoy a bowl of this quintessential Japanese comfort food. To round out the menu, the kitchen also dishes out a few rice bowls for the soup adverse, as well as a selection of appetizers.

Source: www.miami.eater.com
By: Carlos Olaechea